Partnership Belfius Insurance and Vander Haeghen & C °

Partnership Belfius Insurance and Vander Haeghen & C °

Partnership between Belfius Insurance and Vander Haeghen & C °
Belfius Insurance and Vander Haegen & C °, an underwriter specializing in special risks, a partnership has been concluded, inter alia relating to the insurance of the film and Belgian Tax Shelter Insurance.

Thanks to the insurance industry Filmproducties can protect themselves against unexpected events, such as damage to property, sets or costumes, or illness of an actor, which can lead to delays or even cancellation of the production.

The Tax Shelter is a fiscal structure that will encourage investment in film production in Belgium and thus wants to support Belgian film industry. Vander Haeghen & C ° makes it possible to guarantee compensation to investors through its product Tax Shelter for the loss of their tax benefits, including arrears, if they do not obtain the certificate Tax Shelter. This is not the first dodge Belfius in the film world, for Belfius Bank allows its corporate customers for years a tax shelter funding formula.

Besides those two specifically with the world of film production related products contain the cooperation between Belfius Insurance and Vander Haeghen & C ° insurance programs that Death by Accident or Death cover all causes, and a formula Sudden Death Protection.

Cooperation shall enter into force on July 1, 2015.


About Belfius Insurance
Belfius Insurance is the insurance arm of Belfius Bank & Insurance, and distributes its products (life, non-life and credit) on the Belgian insurance market.


About Vander Haeghen & C °

Vander Haeghen & C ° has been active for 20 years as underwriter and has helped, on the assurance of the production of the films Les Visiteurs 3 , The Search, La French and Wat Mannen Willen ou Foute Vrienden De Film.


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